Two-Day Workshop
Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Confined spaces present life-threatening hazards in construction. This workshop is for anyone who is responsible for coordinating or supervising work in confined spaces, as well as those workers required to enter confined spaces. The course will include all elements in the one-day Confined Space Awareness course, and detail entry and rescue procedures. This workshop includes an interactive practical demonstration of proper work procedures utilizing required breathing apparatus and rescue equipment.

One-Day Workshops

This workshop meets the requirements of workplace safety and health legislation and is intended for workers with limited or no previous experience as flagpersons. The course will provide information on employer and worker responsibilities while equipping trainees with practical procedures to control traffic. This includes safe flagging, positioning, and tools to communicate effectively with workers and the general public on Manitoba roadways.

Supervisor 2.0

As a work site supervisor or member of a management team, you have a responsibility and accountability for those under your direct supervision. This workshop will equip you with the “tools” and information you need to demonstrate due diligence. Relevant and practical information will be discussed in regard to identifying the risk of MSIs, possible impairment, communication and conflict resolution, psychological hazards, control methods, and required training.

Half-Day Workshops – Morning
Building a Harassment Free Workplace

This course is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of the destructive and negative consequences of workplace harassment. The course will define and discuss the most common forms of harassment and will suggest methods and actions that can be taken to eliminate occurrences.

Excavation & Trenching

This workshop is intended for personnel who work on trenching and excavation projects or must enter trenches in the course of other work. This information will help these workers identify trenching hazards and recognize the protection required.

Psychological Health & Safety, Responding in a Crisis

One in five Canadians this year will experience a mental health problem. The most common of these are addictions, anxiety, and depression. Whether it be in your workplace, home or with your friends, the chances are good that you will find yourself in a situation where knowing how to respond effectively can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is struggling. This session will give you concrete strategies to ensure that you feel confident in responding in a crisis and that your efforts are helpful.

Subcontractor Management

If you manage subcontractors on a work site, this course will examine your legislated safety requirements and focus on developing practical methods to meet these requirements. Workplace safety and health legislation requires a prime contractor to be designated on all construction projects where more than one employer or self-employed person(s) are involved in work on site at the same time. The prime contractor is granted overall responsibility to ensure compliance with workplace safety and health regulations at the work site so that the work of one employer does not create unsafe conditions for the workers of another employer on the site. The course will focus on providing companies with effective guidelines to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Half-Day Workshops – Afternoon
Environmental Hazards in Construction

This course provides a condensed overview of numerous common environmental hazards on construction sites, such as mold, asbestos, silica for sand blasters, and hexavalent chromium for welders. The main emphasis of the course is to educate tradespeople about these hazards and how to protect themselves, while raising the bar for worker safety in Manitoba.

Fit for Duty

Employers have an obligation to adequately protect ALL employees on their work sites. The aim of this seminar is to educate supervisors and workers about being fit for duty. Fatigue, alcohol, and drug use can affect a person’s ability to be fit for their work, and the impact it can cause on work sites can be very serious. The course will discuss supervisors’ and workers’ responsibilities in addressing fitness for duty and possible policy violations, including procedures for reasonable cause and will also provide attendees with the tools to help overcome the challenges in implementing the fit for duty policy.

Preventing Young Worker Injuries, Stop Labelling & Start Acting

Let’s stop calling workers vulnerable and start taking action to prevent injuries. This session will help to identify groups in your workplace who may be at a higher risk of injury, and then provide practical tools and resources to use in your workplace to put prevention tactics in place.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

This course is designed to help participants identify common indicators of stress, recognize workplace conflicts, and evaluate the most effective strategies to resolve them. Participants will identify and evaluate their personal approach to conflict and set goals to improve performance. The workshop will highlight the stages of conflict, how to apply a conflict resolution model to resolve workplace conflicts, and how to resolve conflict resulting from miscommunication using a variety of conflict resolution models.