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Two Day Workshops – April 10th and 11th

Safety Essentials for Leaders/LSE

Workplace leaders – such as Owners, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Lead hands – have direct, immediate control and effect over the workplace than any other group; however, most organizations are unaware of their legal responsibilities.

Topics include the guiding principles of safety management systems, legislated rights and responsibilities, how to research legislation, the WCB system and how supervisors can have a direct impact on the organization’s WCB premiums.

WS&H Committee & Representative

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act (W210) requires that all workplaces with more than 20 workers have a Safety and Health Committee, or a designated Safety and Health Representative for all workplaces with 5 or more workers. Legislation also requires that Committee members or Representatives have been trained to completely fulfill their duties committee members or reps. This course will provide employers and committee members/reps the ability to meet their legislated duties in the workplace.

Topics include the guiding principles of safety management systems; legislated rights and responsibilities; how to research legislation; the WCB system; risk and hazard analysis, assessment and control; inspections; investigations and incident cost analysis. Specific to Committee duties are how to handle work concerns and refusals; how to work as a Committee; how to present findings and/or propose interventions; and, what to do if interventions are vetoed by management.


One Day Workshops – April 10th

Fall Protection – Manitoba Working at Heights Standard

In Manitoba, the workplace safety requirements for working at heights are very strict. Often forgotten is the legal requirement to also ensure an employer includes an Emergency Rescue Plan in the event of a fall. This workshop will provide participants with information on the Manitoba working at heights standard, how to meet the standard, and detail the steps to take in the event of a fall. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss horizontal and vertical fall arrest systems, guardrail alternatives and CSA Standards. This workshop will have a practical/hands on training component.

First Aid / CPR

Have you ever been first on the scene? This nationally recognized workshop will provide attendees with practical assessment techniques and basic life saving skills in: artificial respiration, choking, bleeding, bandaging of wounds, dealing with shock and unconsciousness, identifying heart attack and stroke victims and training in CPR. An official First Aid/CPR certificate will be issued which is valid for three years. This workshop will have a practical/hands-on training component.


This workshop meets the requirements of Workplace Safety and Health legislation and is intended for workers with limited or no previous experience as a flag person. The course will provide information on employer and worker responsibilities while equipping trainees with practical procedures to control traffic: safe flagging, positioning and tools to communicate effectively with workers and the general public on Manitoba roadways.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace is designed to help you better understand and use your best asset, your own brain. In this one day course we cover basic brain function, common mental heath concerns, and how to spot problems early. The day includes intensive work on understanding your role in the lives of other employees and how best to help when it comes to their mental health. The delivery method is a combination of classroom, group discussion and group scenario work.

Half Day Workshops (AM) – April 10th

Excavating & Trenching

Excavation & Trenching is intended for personnel who work on trenching and excavation projects or must enter trenches in the course of other work. This information will help these workers identify trenching hazards and recognize the protection required.

Facilitating Adult Education

Adults learn differently than children. This course helps trainers recognize and deal with adult learning situations and will help develop in-house trainers, enabling your facility to be self-sufficient in regard to your training needs. This course will give the learner a better understanding of how adults learn, their roles as instructors as well as dealing with problems that may arise throughout their presentations.

Topics include how to effectively teach adults through understanding their learning characteristics and your teaching styles. How to recognize why some training fails and the steps needed to ensure yours doesn’t.

General Safety and Employer Liability

Workplace safety impacts numerous areas of human resources management and employment law. From employee discipline to privacy, human rights and accommodation, to employment and labour standards, recognizing how safety can impact these other areas and learning how to appropriately address them in various workplace contexts is important to ensuring employer compliance with various legal responsibilities.

WHMIS 2015: GHS – Train the Trainer

This train the trainer course equips you with all the tools you need in order to train and certify your colleagues, staff or clients in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (2015) – Globally Harmonized System. All materials reflect the current Federal and Provincial legislative compliance requirements.


Half Day Workshops (PM) – April 10th

Basic Hydraulic Safety Awareness

Maintenance personnel are engaged in procedures that expose them to higher risk of injury and death. This Maintenance level course consists of 13 topics. Each topic takes an in-depth comprehensive look at; leading causes, understanding and identifying hydraulic hazards encountered beyond the engineered safeguarding. An emphasis is put on the implementation of structured procedures and energy mitigation. This program incorporates video recreations of incidents, video and documents of actual in place procedures. This level of training provides important information on how safety and reliability of hydraulic systems directly affect safety of personnel and environment.

Cargo Securement

This half-day course will meet the needs of anyone who has to deal with cargo that does not come in a nice neat package. Carriers, shippers, and claims departments will all benefit from attending this course. Participants will receive a copy of the “Cargo Securement handbook for Drivers” booklet.

Hazard Identification & Risk Control

Participants will learn four methods of identifying hazards, along with how to assess risk and implement methods to control risk. Emphasis is placed on workplace inspections and safe work procedures. This workshop will be particularly useful to supervisors, safety and health committee members, managers and employers, but will benefit workers as well.

Impairment (Cannabis) and Workplace Safety

Objective: Participants will learn about the impact impairment can have on workplace safety. This presentation will provide information on how to respond to impairment in the workplace in light of the recent legalization of recreational cannabis.
Who should take this workshop: This beginner workshop will be particularly useful to employers, managers, supervisors and safety committee members with little to no previous knowledge on addressing workplace impairment.

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